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Playing a couple with Koo Tin Lok in the film, Suen Huen said, "We are the cute pair, not an usual one!" Goo Jai also said that they in the film had a love hate relationship.She also implies that she may be getting married next year.Jessica says that she believes in fate and when two people are meant to be, they will be completely ready for marriage. She says that they have a lot in common, he's humorous and nice.She also revealed that in the film before they started dating, Goo Jai had a scene in which he had to beat her. The script also says that I am powerless to strike back. This time I am afraid that he will kick me off the stairs!I hope he will know to hold back, because I used to be very focused and would hit for real.Thus Ah Chung had to ask a bird expert Lau Sum Yau for help.Sum Yau said that now she is learning to be with the bird and it is being trained to learn Cantonese.

Goo Jai said that in the film he played a robber who was planning to rob a jewelry store and would shoot a robbery scene at a busy intersection.For her wedding, she hopes for a simple celebration just like Daniel Wu and Lisa. He treats her parents well and takes work seriously.About her boyfriend being too nice, Jessica feels that it's not always a good thing because people will start using him and Jessica has to be the bad person to speak up for him.He would try to perform the stunts himself, but if his performance would not be on par as the stunt actors he would not waste the team's time.In addition, a bird in the film was the key to solving the case.

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