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If you completely fill the yellow meter resting underneath the number of moves you have, you’ll end up with a great score.A Great Score finish will result in you being rewarded with even more coins!Not only will you create more special candies through this method, you may also create automatic matches that result from falling candies entering the board.• Completing a stage with leftover moves results in rockets going off, which are then used to clear off extra candies that create more matches and help raise your score.Sprucing up his sweet, sweet kingdom entails solving a bunch of tricky match-three puzzles.These puzzles are nothing to scoff at – they may start out simple enough, but they eventually get all the more tougher as you go further along in your journey.A matched Sugar Beam will clear out any candies in its row/column depending on which direction the beam is pointing towards.

By the way, make sure you log-in regularly to claim your daily reward (that means playing the game on 21 different days).

After returning from a long excursion, the famed candy connoisseur has returned to find his factory in shambles.

In order to get it ready for a grand re-opening, he’s chosen to enlist your help.

Coins are awarded to you for completing stages (you can get even more by finishing any stage with a Great Score! • You can actually acquire even more coins with as little effort as possible, by the way!

Connect the game to your Facebook account to instantly receive 1000 coins.

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