How to market dating website

It does seem as if there is a Zoosk affiliate program.It is therefore surprising that the competition for this keyword is not higher.

Keywords such as “first date advice”, “how to ask someone out” or “what to talk about on a first date” are perfect keywords to create great content.

They list the pros and cons, pricing and give a great summary at the end.

This is followed by another call to action to maximize conversion.

Obviously, it is great to build links to your money pages or to create content that will rank and get a lot of organic traffic but, creating content that can generate a lot of backlinks is worth it in itself.

Affiliate marketing in the dating industry isn’t as straightforward as in other markets becuase it’s difficult to promote products through Amazon. Looking at the dating niche purely objectively, it makes sense to start a dating affiliate marketing websites.

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  1. In a study on what governs our dating choices more, our preferences or our current opportunities, opportunities wins hands down—our dating choices are “98% a response…to market conditions and just 2% immutable desires.