How long have jim and pam been dating

One of the cutest early moments between the couple, this first “date” definitely set high expectations for all of us.

When Pam was in New York studying graphic design, her absence was hard for everyone in the office, but especially for Jim.

They are pretty much the perfect couple because of how believable they are together and the incredible chemistry the two have!And still, there is no way we can deny the (literal) fireworks between these two – although this time, they were actually set off in the field by Dwight and Kevin.Even Jim half-jokingly insists that they did have a date, because there was dinner (in the form of grilled cheese sandwiches) and dancing (which was really just swaying to the music from a i Pod via a shared set of earbuds).Seriously, it has been after many, many, MANY rewatchings that I still break down in tears at various scenes (most of which are included in this article! While we the viewers know that they were always meant to be together – because it was so obvious of how good they were as a pair, no one could ever compete – it wasn’t always such smooth sailing for Jim and Pam.With that being said, their time together definitely included many moments that had us wishing we could be in their shoes, which is why these are just 15 instances when Jim and Pam ruined all other relationships for the rest of us.

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