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News they got quite close while working on the comedy in 2013.

TV cameras panned to him during the fight and he saluted the camera while she sat next to him and looked on. News that they arrived together and "looked like they were having a great time." Efron and Bro apparently were "smiling and laughing in their seats" before the show."Zac was approached by multiple fans and Sarah was very patient as Zac spoke to everyone who approached him," the insider continued.Should the union pan out, it'd be a decided change of pace for the 31-year-old who's made a bit of a habit out of romancing his costars.(Which, it's hard to find fault with considering how else does Zac Efron meet an eligible partner?The two of them were reportedly "not overly publicly affectionate" and they "weren't doing anything to attract any additional attention." The two of them left the arena together after the fight.Efron, of course, couldn't make the rounds at T-Mobile Arena because the actor is recovering from a torn ACL and surgery.

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