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Once complete, the ride height will be about 3-4-inches lower than stock. Not only does the unique design of the Art Morrison Enterprises Multilink IRS produce a significant advantage in comfort and performance over solid-axle designs, it just looks bitchin.

AME now offers its trick IRS in four different track widths (from 55.5- to 61.5-inches) making it available for everything from early Mustangs to mid-’60s Cadillacs.

A volume in periodical magazines is typically one year, with each issue given a sequential number within the volume.

Many rodders built their pre-’49 hot rods to look slick first with little concern for the ride quality of the car or truck.

After all, if your car looks cool, what does it matter if there’s a few stiff bounces and maybe even a little bump steer?

Some magazines were published monthly but the publisher changed the volume number after six issues were printed.

Sporadic printing coupled with rarity makes the process of time-dating some issues difficult.

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