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40 years later.”But Locklear and Heisser have reportedly had a rough relationship since they got back together last year.They have been dating for more than a year, according to Radar Online.The case was dropped after neither Locklear nor Wagner wanted to press charges.Locklear and Chris Heisser went to Newbury Park High School and went to the school’s prom together.

Heisser was arrested hours later for driving under the influence, records show.In September, Locklear posted Heisser’s high school yearbook photo on her Instagram page and wrote, “Happy Birthday to My first love and final love.Forever isn’t long enough.” That same month she posted a photo of the two of them together and wrote, “My favorite person on earth.According to the Daily Mail, Locklear’s daughter was in the house at the time of the incident.A police source told the news site that Locklear was in a “drunken rage” and nearly “bit the tip off of Heisser’s nose” before police arrived.

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