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The New York Times reported that the US Government did indeed have a program called Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program.

The program lost its funding in 2012 but experts believe it has found funding under another name.

As the story of the US Government finally breaking their silence on one of the biggest and most tight-lipped topics in Washington DC hits major news sources, we turn our focus to the men and women who have been telling us for decades what the Pentagon is just now admitting. I had the distinct honor of speaking with one of those brilliant minds today, ‘Ancient Aliens‘ host Giorgio Tsoukalos. It is not every day you are able to hold this kind of discussion with someone with the kind of passion he has for his work and I was extremely moved to learn as much as I could in our short time together.

RB: What convinced you that the Ancient Alien theory could be valid and that it needed further research and exploration?

Bio-astronomers are at universities doing research and trying to find whether or not there are remnants of extra-terrestrial visitations in our solar system and on other planets. GT: That is a wonderful observation, and thank you for that question. They talk about a silver egg, or a silver orb, arriving from the depths of nothingness that lands on Earth. We can read these ancient accounts of someone descending from the sky on ancient text and also in oral traditions.

The question is, “Why are you looking at other planets, when the true evidence is right here in front of our eyes? RB: You have visited so many of the ancient sites, for example, Tribal and First Nations. So, the fact is that our ancestors are the ones who say they have been visited. It is our ancestors who were meticulous in writing down their history as it happened to them at the time. Stories were embellished, but the origin of all the stories were the same-someone came and taught mankind. Robert Schoch, a bonafide scientist (a geologist) tells me that physical evidence, (the erosion marks of the great Sphinx in Egypt, Gisa Plato) indicate to him that the Sphinx may date back to 12,000 BC.

By the way, is hypothesis of alien ancient, not theory!

For example, by studying the erosion marks of the Great Sphinx in Egypt, geologist Dr.

Robert Schoch, believes that it dates back to 12,000 BC.

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I have never - not once - said nor implied that aliens built the pyramids. I propose that the engineering knowledge came from extraterrestrials, or, as the Ancient Egyptians called them, the "Guardians of the Sky" as described in ancient texts.

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GT: I was very lucky growing up with parents who were avid travelers.

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