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Upside: Together, Virgo and Cancer can develop a strong mutual devotion, heightened awareness of needs, ability to reassure the other, mutual love of planning things like travel, a shared love of the familiarity of routine, and a shared enjoyment of nurturing children and animal friends. We were both reserved so it was a bit of a slow start.

Downside: But clashes between the two create stress which hits digestion for both, one's moods affect the other's emotions, the mutual insecurity can be paralyzing, and they can get stuck in habits of criticism. I did feel needed and I did try to help my ex overcome her low self-esteem. I was the one that tried to find solutions, but she never helped and never appreciated what I did.

Virgo and Cancer are so sensitive, it's easy for each to feel they're in over their heads.

They react to this inner turmoil by becoming aloof and retreating. One remedy is to take things slowly, allowing each enough time to process what's happening.

When it comes to relationships, Aries are passionate, daring, and sometimes selfish.

Without realizing it, Virgo can offend Cancer by talking about things in an unemotional way.

On the flip side, Virgo may find the lunar moodiness a bit jarring to their love of order.

And things get messed up if they try to match the popular pace of hooking up.

They could act like it's okay to be "friends with benefits," but in reality both seek the stability of commitment, though both may fear it, too.

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