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Instead, they ignore God’s truth and adopt man’s ideas and values.This is always dangerous, but it may be most destructive in the area of human origins and its implications for social behavior.While evolutionary thinking certainly intensifies racist attitudes, evolution is not the cause of racism. Man’s inhumanity towards his fellow man has existed since the Fall.The very first sin recorded after Adam took the forbidden fruit is Cain’s murder of his brother Abel; and a few verses later in the same chapter, Lamech actually brags about killing a man.

Despite this variety, we tend to group people according to one or more physical features they share in common. Adam and Eve were our original parents, made in the image of God. This is made abundantly clear in , where Adam said that Eve “was the mother of all living.” So, if we are all descendants of Adam and Eve, we should all look pretty much the same, right? describes a time when humans rebelled against God by settling at Babel and refusing to spread out in the world.In each case those who had the characteristics conducive to living in the region stayed and reproduced. Over many generations, these favorable characteristics would be carried forward in the gene pool, and the less favorable characteristics would tend to fall away.Thus, genetic variability in isolated populations gradually decreases.These features would have developed or become more prominent in various isolated people groups over the generations.Regrettably, instead of giving glory to God for the differences between us, we fallen human beings use these features as an excuse to judge our fellow man. The problem is that most people, including many Christians, do not base their worldview and values on the Bible.

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