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If you agree with our terms & conditions then you are welcome to Join with us and have a fun.

All our chatting and other services are free today, tomorrow and forever.

Right side will show list of members who are present in that room.

Clicking a members names in the right side list will show the "user options" as shown in the image above and each option is explained below.

Some chat rooms may only be available to registered members.

sign-up now If you have some questions to ask, then please take a visit our FAQ page.Mention Mention allows to mention a member in your message and it will appear highlighted to them.Whisper After typing your message, selecting "whipser" option will send your message as a whisper.Name of all the public & your private chat rooms will be displayed, alongside the number of people in each room.You will be able to join the room by clicking on the "Join" button.

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