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They are rarely seen on the surface, and when they are they have an air of power and potent mental control, You will see the way that people try not to look at them or ignore them and try to act like its not "different" or "strange" , this is their "olde majik" at play in our minds , trying to make us never see them , like they are invisible so they can get on with their plotting , reconsissace and deviant behavior. We need to shout so loud that they can no longer hide from our critical and prying eyes, from our uncomfortable staring and mocking children, so they can no longer hide from the awful truth! There is still much debate as to which of the theories, midget evolution or midgit creationism, is correct.The time is now for war, people, to stand up and storm the underworld. The official victor of this dispute is to be determined by the Kansas Board of Education.(You used to be able to hold the mouth until the midgets bit off the people's fingers when they were hungry) then fling your midget as far as you can into a pile of mud or a bin depending on the state laws. "Midget Hunting" can commonly be seen at these festivals as well.

And we are taught by those in power that they are like us, just a little "different", but Why? Statistics from the "pseudo medical", and totaly conspiratorial watch how they blame it on genes, watch how they manipulate and use our science against us: It is a well known fact that midgets truly love their potatoes, here is evidence of a hobbit (very similar to a midget) demanding potatoes.

Of these, Achondroplasia is the most common, affecting about 80% of all Little People.

An individual with Achondroplasia has disproportionate short stature.

Some went wild 'to the max', and these midgets are now referred to as Feral midgets.

Please note that while they're small & annoying like midgets, Ewoks are more closely related to Oompah Loompahs.

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