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When people think of intimacy, the first thing that comes to mind is often sex.While sex can be a gratifying physical aspect of a relationship, most people also crave a different form of intimacy with their partners that can be difficult to articulate, let alone intentionally create and build within the relationship.While you don’t need to fire off 20 questions every time you see them, it is important to demonstrate that you are thinking about who they are as a person in their time when they aren’t with you.Ask their opinion, ask how they feel, ask about what they want most in life, ask about their job, their childhood, etc., their relationship with their parents, their friends, their past relationships with others.

Often, offering to solve the problem can backfire, because the other person can feel criticized or think you are telling them that they aren't handling a situation correctly. Creating a safe space, however, requires that you show your partner that you care about knowing who they really are.

It requires that both people offer a safe space for the other, so that each feels comfortable being vulnerable enough to show who they really are. While respect and trust are not exactly the same thing, they are intricately linked, and without either of these, it is impossible to create a safe space.

Below are some specific steps you can take to help build a safe space for your partner while also learning to be more vulnerable. Respect demonstrates that you care about how the other person feels, and that you view them from your perspective with regard and value.

Learning to accept yourself starts with learning to be more self-compassionate.

I highly recommend the book by Kristin Neff as a way to train yourself into a more self-loving mindset.

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