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As 9to5Mac showed, following a few simple steps to add the ringing call to a group chat is sufficient.

Apple has taken the group-calling service offline until a software update can be provided.

This Face Time bug arrives on the heels of Apple’s apparent fall from grace, and that makes it a sign of something relatively new.

Hardware and software systems are more complex than ever, and bugs are bound to arise.

They were right, in a way: Your computer might be out to get you, even if it doesn’t mean to be.

Most are accidental, the unexpected combination of instructions given by humans to computers, which do exactly what they are told.

But given Apple’s billions of dollars in the bank and thousands of engineers, the public will lean hard on its promise of trust, which Tim Cook, the CEO, has used to distinguish his company from competitors such as Google and Facebook. Couldn’t the Face Time exploit have been purposely added, as a backdoor for the government or for the lulz of a disgruntled engineer, some might wonder? (Apple has yet to respond to a request for comment from about the origins of the bug, but in an earlier statement, the company told journalists, “We’re aware of this issue and we have identified a fix that will be released in a software update later this week.”) The origins of the bug may not matter, because paranoia is a jealous sentiment: The moment it even seems possible that some dark force is out to get you, those who would embrace and amplify that worry won’t let it go.

The bug allows users to listen in on, or even watch, the person they are calling before that party has answered the call.

It doesn’t even require any technical knowledge or esoteric hacking.

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