Excel 2016 consolidating worksheets

Open Filename:=Path & Filename, Read Only:=True For Each Sheet In Active Workbook. Open Filename:=x Str Path & x Str FName, Read Only:=True x Str AWBName = Active Workbook. Select the worksheet with the data and select all the fields that you want data from...follow the prompts. i am trying to do it without writring heaps of formulae.You create summary reports using data from several different workbooks.Sometimes you need to copy the same range from different worksheets to one; sometimes you sum up data, or simply bring several workbooks together by your criterion.

The most terrible thing is that the workbooks you need to combine contain multiple worksheets. Just as in Excel, you can choose the function to apply to numbers.If your data are identically structured, you can consolidate by position, otherwise you can consolidate by category. I have uploaded a test data file in the exact configuration that the original files are in. The only column where there are changes in each file is the column "Customer Category". thank you, Sonny You can import the other two files into the "Master" that you have by using the "Get External Data".You should then see a listing of the worksheets in the workbook selected. If you want to match your example file (no table) convert the tables to ranges and move the data under the correct columns if you so desire. Now I just need to identify the data where more than one person has classified a customer and highlight them.

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You can summarize data from multiple sheets that took months to collect, combine several Excel files, bring sheets with the same name to one workbook, and a lot more.

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