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Sub Merge Wbooks And Sheets() Dim wbk As Workbook Dim sht As Worksheet Dim shtt As Worksheet Dim sheetfirst As Worksheet Dim sheetsecond As Worksheet Dim sheetthird As Worksheet Dim wbk2 As Workbook Set wbk2 = This Workbook Dim Filename As String Dim Path As String Path = "C:\Personal\Data\" 'CHANGE Folder PATH Filename = Dir(Path & "*.xlsx") 'OPEN EXCEL FILES Do While Len(Filename) 0 'IF NEXT FILE EXISTS THEN Set wbk = Workbooks. Please download the sample workbook including the sample files, check the code and change the directory path so that it can run.Click the icon, navigate to the first worksheet, and select the data, headings, and labels.Use the Close icon on the right side of the Consolidate: Reference dialog to return to the Consolidate dialog. The address of the first data set is left in the Reference box.

In this example, the worksheets have differing numbers of months: four months in Report1, five months in Report2, and three months in Report3. Select the top-left-corner cell where you want the consolidated data to appear.While this might seem confusing, Microsoft leaves the old reference in place in case your next data set simply needs to change from Sheet1 to Sheet2. Click the Reference Edit icon on the right side of the Reference box. Click the Close icon to return to the Consolidate dialog.Click the Add button to add this second reference to the All References dialog. For your last data set, the steps are slightly different.In this blog article, we will be covering how to loop through multiple sheets and merge data in Excel VBA Worksheets as per our requirement. Just imagine you have a lot of files in a folder and for each file, you have 3 sheets.

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