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Charlie Y: one can only hope we'll eventually get more visuals on the orig 5 at Woodstock?

I thought one of BEG's links was interesting where Robbie kind of separates them as deliberately playing a bit of a quieter, dare I say even maybe a spiritual set, that day, for the 450k. I like the album very much, but never knew about the film. Crystal Gayle had two big hits over here and I think she is a good singer. Make sure you check out Maura OConnell singing Broken Bicycles on You Tube.

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And of course, as I have written about in the past, the Scottish concert that I most wished I had been at was when he played Blairgowrie. I have read some people criticising Ricks playing on TLW version of Coyote but I think that's unfair.Subject: Bear (not the furry kind) Bill M: Thanks for the link to "You, Me and Mexico". It was a big surprise to see Edward Bear play on some CBC show after school (the name of which escapes me)and find out that not only were they a group, but they had a singing drummer as well. Here's a 1970 pop hit by the group Edward Bear that I always associate with Mr Leivo, because it was his French class that I skipped most of so I could catch Edward Bear playing one afternoon in my highschool's auditorium.Danny Marks has listed JRR as an influence on his playing, much like many others on the T. Nw C: Thanks very much for looking into Mr Leivo's career and passing along those interesting tidbits.I recently was "put out to pasture" at my job, so I hope to work my way back into the discussions here now. haso: Yes, it's true Robbie said The Band didn't know how to read the crowd at Woodstock 50 years ago this month (especially since they couldn't see beyond the first few rows in the darkness) and they did play a somewhat subdued set as a result.The most bizarre moment from the outtakes of the film was seeing a good number of what was left of the festival audience that Monday morning walking AWAY from Jimi Hendrix as he played one of his most famous sets. v=pv WGgw FP7No Nw C: Apparently we've scared everyone else away because of all this Fenno-centric talk, so I guess we should return to mucic.

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