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Here’s the situation: Pamela’s secretly serving as a surrogate mother in order to bring a cash influx into the family, but because she doesn’t want this information leaking out, she needs to have the babies off-base and – prepare to be horrified – once they’re born and go home with their real parents, she’s just going to tell everyone that they’ve died. Roxy and Trevor are dealing with learning all the things about each other and their lives that they didn’t get around to discussing in the two weeks between when they met and when they got married; and, as you’d expect, that’s a lot of ground to cover.When she goes into labor at an Army wives’ function, Pamela is forced to come clean about the situation to those who are around her: Roxy; Claudia Joy Holden (Kim Delaney), wife of Ft. Denise is dealing with a hot-tempered son (Richard Bryant) and a husband whose love for her is as undying as his methodology is rigid while trying to remember when she actually had a life of her own.But there is no such evidence about their marriage and also did not announce officially about it.Well, it can just be a hoax rumors to creat a news.However, both of them has not given the full confirmation about their relationship. Drew and Sarah were in a relationship for almost a year.The duo was all over each other and no one could forget their cute PDA's However, after a year they decided to part ways not opening up behind the actual reason for their break up. As of now, both of them are happy in their separate life.Drew Fuller and Sally Pressman photos, news and gossip. Get Sally sally pressman dating Pressman'sbiography, pictures, videos, and more at Chickipedia - the world's largest women database.

The actress, who plays Roxy Le Blanc on Lifetime's .

So what is it about “Army Wives” that captured my attention so successfully that I absorbed the entire set in only a few days’ time? The only problem with such a whirlwind courtship, however, is that poor Roxy has no frame of reference to what she’s getting herself and her two sons into. They all vow to not only keep the secret but, indeed, help to take care of the twins until their parents return from their final pre-parenthood fling in Mexico.

The life of an Army wife requires a certain amount of subjugation of self in order to follow the governmental guidelines established for military dependents, and, man, that does sit well with the sassy, brassy Roxy. Le Blanc, so it’s a good thing she quickly meets new friends on Fort Marshall, in Charleston, S. Although the rule of thumb is that officer’s wives and enlisted men’s wives move in completely different circles, those circles meet by coincidence and happenstance when the very pregnant Pamela Moran (Brigid Brannagh), wife of sniper Chase Moran (Jeremy Davidson) goes into labor. Make no mistake about it: “Army Wives” is a soap opera, plain and simple.

They also upload limited pictures on social networking sites.

They might want to be safe from the rumors and controversies.

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ince you’re reading this review on a site that not only describes itself as an online men’s magazine but has also gone the extra mile to trademark the phrase, “The first and only Guys' Portal to the Web,” it’s to be expected that the decision to hand out four stars to the first season of a Lifetime Network original series is going to be met with a certain amount of derision. Army helps to absolve any guilt you may have about watching what is indisputably a “chick show,” if only by virtue of the network on which it airs.

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