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What distinguishes from Newsom’s past work is how many songs don’t appear to be coded, but are rather relatively straightforward statements about love and mortality.

But stand brave, life-liver, Bleeding out your days In the river of time Stand brave: Time moves both so long to make is that Newsom spent a couple of years cycling through different arrangers — including Nico Muhly, Ryan Francesconi, and David Longstreth of Dirty Projectors — and adding intricate overdubs.

I just spoil all the songs for anyone I’m working with because I want them to work with me to try to create a living, breathing world.

It’s all such tricky stuff to talk about — words that seemed to have a very clear meaning when you’re speaking narratively start having a very unclear meaning when you’re speaking musically.

“I have never written about a unicorn.” Joanna Newsom is laughing, but she’s not joking.

Newsom truly wants people to understand that as one of the most accomplished musicians and sophisticated songwriters associated with indie rock in the early 21st century, she is not interested in a fantastical creature that has adorned countless middle school binders.

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