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Not only will you avoid being let down, you may well set yourself up for the most meaningful of surprises. you’ll never know the truth about [someone] unless you put in the effort to talk or go on a date.” Judgments might be coming from your defenses, and when you latch onto specific “flaws,” you might overlook a person who is an amazing match.

Also, the heart might want someone the head disqualifies.

Writer Eiman Jawed offers 17 questions that can jumpstart the process of getting a true sense of a potential mate.

A few examples: “Who is your biggest role model,” What about my profile stuck out to you? .” In this disposable culture of ghosting, do your best to stay brave, confident, and open.

We want to minimize your chances of coming across ghosts and maximize your chances of meeting considerate, reliable, and real human beings.

Of course, as Ben Harper sings, “It’s so hard to do, and so easy to say.” Self-discovery is an ongoing journey.

While you don’t want to get stuck in endless messaging, it’s a good idea to ensure you and a potential match are on the same page.

It’s good to experience a balance between being über relationship-y and über slutty.” Rory Mac Lellan University of King’s College, 6th year Philosophy “It’s tough to distinguish between friends and more than friends when you’re dealing with the opposite sex.

And sometimes you should take time and think who is a good friend and worth just keeping in the friend zone and who you maybe want to take it to the next level with.” Brandon Tolliver University of King’s College, 3rd year Contemporary Studies & Classics “Date older guys.

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