Dating women in bulgaria

Bulgarian women I observed mostly have slim figure, dark sunburnt skin, pretty face and deep eyes.

As for eyes there are many brown eyed as well as blue eyed girls.

It would be nto true if I say there are no obese women.

They are, but those mostly are old ladies and there is such a small ammount of them that it is very hard to notice.

Could you ever realized to meet model, who actually works on the farm of her dad in the village and came to the sea to have rest for the weekend.

Sounds so interesting that is hard to believe, but it is Bulgaria, dear.

Relax, my dear friend, because you are in Bulgaria, a paradise of pretty model looking girls, each of theam of different occupation.

I will surprise you, but the are rarely on a diet and eat traditional food, that includes meat, fish, vegetables, bread, a lot of bread of different types and they do not get fat.

Although they have very active way of life and work a lot, the reanos of their fitness is in some special digestic abilities and quick metabolism, I guess.

Beside of naturally inherited beauty Bulgarian women take care of themselves very carefully.

The pay attention to every minor thing of their appearance.

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