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to carefully remove the forend nut, and you will have to measure to see if the length of the action slide tube assembly is 7-5/8" or 6-1/2" ( 6-3/4" as stated anywhere else).

They’re still used by a few hard core reloaders for black powder so while not common they’ve been around all the while. there are companys still manufacturing all brass shells, they are not nessasarily military, you can still buy them, loaded with modern smokeless powder.If No 10 is all that is on it, my guess is that it has a good chance of being a very early UMC 10ga.There are a lot of UMC all brass shells that only have the gauge on them. I filled one with lead and placed it into the butt stock of a muzzle heavy High Standard shotgun.For the most part, 20-year and older sporting shotguns and new tactical shotguns use the 7-5/8" slide. NOTE: Since 2006, most new 500®, 535® and 835® sporting shotguns with synthetic forearms may not use an action slide tube at all; rather, the pump handle will have two integral bars pinned into the handle itself.New sporting models have used the 6-1/2" slide for almost 20 years. If you have one of these, you cannot use a forearm that was designed to go over an action slide tube without first buying the correct length action slide tube assembly an action slide tube nut [forend nut]." -- Havlin Sales If you have the 7-5/8" assembly, order your Pro Mag Tri-Rail Forend.

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