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So, even though the bell stamp reads Ludwig, the Frank Williams Company of Chicago, Illinois or Frank Holton & Company, Inc. Introduced "G-F" piston-rotor bugles in 1968 for Olds significantly impacting competitive drum corps.(also of Chicago and later Elkhorn, Wisconsin) may have actually manufactured the instrument. Kanstul three piston bugles available beginning in 1990. Ludwig merged with Leedy in 1930 and moved to Elkhart. Manufacturing facilities were moved to Elkhart and merged with "Leedy." Ludwig began contracting firms to manufacture bugles such as "Frank Williams Co.," "Holton," "Conn," and others. Sold wide array of equipment needed to fully supply drum corps of the 1920s and 1930s. Couturier Band Instrument Co." Manufactured instruments between 1923-30, afterwards contracted out manufacture of brass instruments.It was very common for instrument companies to hire manufacturing firms to produce their wind instruments, particularly percussion manufacturers.

Do you see anything that might indicate its era or original owner?

Styles of bugles include reproductions of the Rexcraft bugle (the "official" Boy Scout Bugle), cavalry bugles, "Gunga-Din" bugles , M1892 Bugles among others.

Also available for purchase is the Jupiter Brigadier and an Amati 223 and a great student trumpet.

And if this is your troop’s bugle, leave a comment below with a way to contact you.

Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of World Scouting, introduced the idea of Boy Scouting to the British public with the 1908 publication of his book SCOUTING FOR BOYS.

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