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Assessing Developmental Environmental Risk Factor Exposure in Clinical High Risk for Psychosis Individuals: Preliminary Results Using the Individual and Structural Exposure to Stress in Psychosis-Risk States Scale Department of Psychology, Department of Psychiatry, Department of Medical Social Sciences, Institute for Innovations in Developmental Sciences, Institute for Policy Research, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL 60208, USAIntroduction: Exposure to cumulative environmental risk factors across development has been linked to a host of adverse health/functional outcomes.

This perspective incorporating information regarding exposure at differing developmental periods is lacking in research surrounding individuals at Clinical High Risk (CHR) for developing a psychotic disorder.

Compared to single stressor/risk factor models, cumulative environmental risk models are also beneficial in that they avoid problems surrounding overestimation of the impact of a singular risk factor (which may often be correlated with exposure to other risk factors in an individual) [13].More fully clarifying the influence of environmental risk exposure at this stage of illness progression could allow us to understand relations to etiology free of confounds intrinsic to chronic psychotic illness, such as medication use.This neural diathesis approach conceptually dating back to Meehl’s theory of schizotypy is bound to aid in elucidating adverse life experiences that, together with subclinical/attenuated symptomatology, may precipitate a clinical psychotic state [32].This period happens during adolescence and young adulthood and is marked by attenuated psychotic symptoms and accompanying functional impairment.Individuals at CHR for psychosis (those meeting for a psychosis risk syndrome) include a large subgroup of those in the prodromal stage—as many of 10–30% transition to a psychotic disorder within a two-year period [9,30,31].

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