Dating my colt 1911 updating seat covers

Or hold down the  alt key (mac) or the ctrl alt key (PC) and click on the image. Therefore when you would call me, I will pick up the phone and tell you that I will call you right back.

My wife Marcia has fine hearing on the phone and is quite knowledgeable about firearms and is very able to help you over the phone.

Or hold down the  key (mac) or the ctrl key (PC) and use the mouse wheel. I have to switch over to what is called a voice carry over phone.

I have caller ID just so that you know, the reason for that is I cannot use a regular phone.

Thanks, Harry Kaiser ordinance is doing business as Harry Viezens Fine Guns and Harry Viezens Fine Guns and Appraisals.

For simplification, these terms of sale apply to all business names used by Kaiser Ordinance, Inc. name to represent all aspects of names used by Kaiser Ordinance Inc. This firearm is sold as a curio and relic or an item of historical interest unless specified.

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