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His regime issued the Law in Norway (1687) which, following the Danish rules of that time, defined unmarried women as minor.

For the latter, it will be to defend the oppressed people against the social expectations of the time, of which the wife was one: women who received a primary education whose sole purpose was marriage, women who were unable to continue to fully enjoy intellectual lives, who could not freely dispose of their own life and body.

But this did not happen without heated debate and resistance.

In 1863, a new law is passed on the age of majority that succeeds that of 1845: women attained the age of majority at 25 years, as well as men.

Bjørnson wrote a play in 1879 called, Leonarda, in which he defends the woman who "has a past." But above all, his play A Glove (1883) had a great impact on the public in Norway.

During 1880, Norway experienced a proliferation of debates, the first concern of women being that of double standards.

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In this first part of the century, women worked in the early textile mills (1840) and in the tobacco factories which were reserved for their employment.

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