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My name is Karthik,i am 25 years old,i am from hyderabad in india,i am very friendly and caring person and i am very emotional person,i am always truth and honest person, and i don't like drinking and smoking so these tw..

Parents: My parents believe that I am a bright child with good skills and that I am capable of doing well in my academics as they feel that I am an active child.

Several people claiming to have had sex with Ellen testified on behalf of the defence, and others either concocted or reported gossip about her family, its origins, and the character of her father in particular.

Without going too much into the details of the story, which are fascinatingly related by Cohen, the book reveals some facts about the Raj and indeed about colonial Victorian society itself which readers may not have thought about.

Mehdi, like Oscar Wilde after him, immediately sued the wrong person, in this case the printer, one SM Mehta, who was duly tried with a British magistrate, OV Bosanquet, presiding.

Cohen gives us a detailed description of the trial from both sides, and the story is both riveting and sad.

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When the anonymous pamphlet appeared, entitled An Appeal to the Ladies of Hyderabad, the writer suggested that not only was Ellen promiscuous (and always had been), but that she was not in fact married to Mehdi and that her conversion to Islam was not genuine.

During this time Mehdi arose to his pinnacle of power in Hyderabad, collecting friends and enemies as he went.

Relationships between Indians and Europeans were not unknown by the time Mehdi and Ellen came on the scene, but problems often arose involving questions of social mobility and sexual morality, especially for women.

They also believe I can independently handle a difficult t..

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