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The concept of Google has changed little since its inception.

Google is a user-friendly and very useful tool for online searches.

If you missed it when it was on the website, May 22, 2010, you can check and play the game here.

Google celebrated Jim Henson’s 75th birthday on September 24, 2011 with a really funny Google doodle.

Here are the best Google doodles from 2001 to 2011.

The Google doodle for Valentines day of 2011 is inspired by Robert Indiana’s renowned LOVE sculpture.

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Since then, there have been many unique doodles such as a game, a short film, and more, all on the Google page.One example is the Google particle logo wherein the particles move away from the cursor every time it moves near.The Pacman Google doodle is a fun game that celebrates the classic Pacman game.It was published with the introduction: Dating is a search problem. The search engine tool is used for ‘Soulmate Search’ so users can have a ‘Contextual date’.Recently, Google doodles have gone interactive, and thus, have become more fun.

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