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Different standard marks are used in Scotland ("thistle" in Edinburgh and "lion rampant" in Glasgow and, later, Edinburgh) and in Ireland ("crowned harp" in Dublin).A date letter first appeared on English silver plate in the year 1697 as a result of legislation.York has a five lions passant in a cross, Exeter a castle with three towers and Newcastle-upon-Tyne three castles.

In 1904 an Act of the Order of Council ordered that foreign silver had to be marked with the decimal value: .925 for Sterling Standard and .958 for Britannia Standard.It was not until 1856 that the leopard's head mark could have been used for any purpose other than a fineness mark.Birmingham has the anchor, Chester the three wheat-sheaves and sword, Sheffield the crown and the Tudor rose (from 1975).They were employed by large workshops of companies or were used as out-workers.The work they part or wholly produced was marked under somebody else's name.

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