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This is surely a bold claim but shows the evolution of Ellis’s thoughts on REBT and the ABC Model, particularly in how they relate to religion.The ABC Model can also be referred to as the “ABCDE” Model, where D stands for the Disputation of Beliefs and E stands for New Effect, the result of holding healthier beliefs (Jorn, 2016).

This is indicated by the fact that three 45-minute learning sessions about the ABC Model have been shown to be effective in reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety as well as reducing dysfunctional thinking while increasing self-esteem and feelings of hope (Saelid & Nordahl, 2017).

For example, treating someone who is grieving, such as someone in bereavement from losing a child, requires a modification.

This is because in the case of grief, “‘logical’ disputation is not useful, but instead, legitimizing and normalizing is used: losing a child is in and by itself not logical” (Malkinson & Brask-Rustad, 2013).

ABC Model This extremely short worksheet simply lists the five steps of the ABC model in descending order.

It goes from Activating Event to Beliefs to Consequences to Disputations of beliefs to Effective new beliefs.

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