Dating a geek advice

The bonus to talking about it with individuals is that you can gain some insight.

You said he’s laying it on thick, but it’s quite possible that he’s the opposite of Shyguy, flirting way more than he means to because he knows you well and feels comfortable and gutsy around you.I’m pretty sure the rest of the guys are just flirting with me while they’ve got the chance, since I’m single (at least I hope that’s all it is).I’d really REALLY like to try dating Mario, but I’ve been friends with Luigi for years and don’t want to hurt his feelings.In the case that you and Mario are starting to date seriously, you will also want to consider being the one to break this to Luigi. it feels like throwing a red shell at him after he’s already spun out on a banana peel.But the alternative is that he’ll hear it through the grapevine, and then have to face those feelings alone.

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Two in particular are laying it on pretty thick, I’ll call them Mario and Luigi.

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