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So she changed her answer (and others) to a focus on relationships, which are, indeed very meaningful to her.

Shortly thereafter, just four months into her single status, she met her now-husband. His explanation is that he hates dating and had figured out what he wanted. At 65, you don't have five years to date - you may be dead by 70," he said.

Fewer men are available at any given older age, but also widowers are more likely to marry younger women, a pattern almost unknown among older widows. Charlotte, a Houston artist, met her husband on e Harmony, a website used for those looking for long-term relationships.

Both were 65, but Charlotte knows 80-plus year olds who have met over this website.

Yet by the time we are 65 or 75 or 95 most of our love relationships are platonic - still infused with a strong desire to be with that someone; a warmth from the interaction; and hopes for loyalty and compassion – yet without the adolescent passion.

We pray love will go on forever; but such is fantasy.

Never abandon the hope of romance, but rather than searching unendingly, realize that there is much joy in the platonic love from women.Among those 85-plus, about 40 percent of men but over 77 percent of women are widowed.With the odds stacked so against them, elderly women are less likely to remarry - only two of 1,000 per year for women (versus 14 of 1,000 per year for men). Surprisingly (at least to me initially), the answer is the same as it is for 20, 30 and 40-somethings: online dating sites.Over 45 percent of women age 65 and older are widowed.The percentage widowed rises dramatically with age for both sexes, but the differential only gets worse as women age.

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My guess is that by 85 her chances of success are close to zero. Yet, only a stone doesn't care about companionship.

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