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We know this compatibility is particularly important to those with specific beliefs.

Our focus on compatibility has a further advantage: eharmony tends to attract members who are searching for long-term, lasting love rather than a few dates.

And we can help find them, bringing you the most desirable, compatible matches among Australia’s online Christian dating community. Our relationship questionnaire is the first stage of the sign-up process.

It’s our chance to understand who you are and what you’re searching for so that we can match you only with compatible Christian singles.

We're here to understand you and the issues you're dealing with, help you move towards your healing, and reclaim your wholeness.

You can then browse through profiles of Christian singles in Australia in the knowledge that each ranks highly for compatibility with you.Truth and authenticity are essential to make our system work.We don’t want you to sell yourself; we want you to be yourself.Just remember to answer the questionnaire truthfully rather than with an eye on how you’d like to be perceived.Only by being yourself will you find a truly perfect match.

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We have extensive training in understanding relationship dynamics and how important relationships in your life influence your mental, emotional, and relational well-being.

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