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The couple looked closer, and were horrified by what they saw. Trapped in ice with only its head, shoulders and back exposed, it was difficult to tell what had happened to this person.

The couple assumed they'd found the decomposing victim of a mountaineering accident. A worldwide sensation On Monday 23rd September, Ötzi was finally extracted using ice picks and ski poles.

Ötzi's nail had three Beau's Lines, indicating that his immune system had been under severe stress on three occasions in his last six months.

He had been ill approximately 8 weeks, 13 weeks and 16 weeks before his death.

An important member of his community It wasn't just Ötzi's medical history scientists were interested in.

Ötzi's lungs were blackened with soot particles, probably from spending long periods in front of open fires, while his hair contained significant traces of arsenic, suggesting he had been involved in metal smelting and copper extraction.

When German tourists Erika and Helmut Simons found a human body in the Austrian-Italian Alps, they had no idea what they'd stumbled upon.

This iceman was over 5000 years old - and was something archaeologists had never seen before.

He also carried a number of flint tools, and a bow and arrow.

In 2001, a foriegn object in Ötzi's shoulder was revealed to be a flint arrowhead.

It was this wound that probably killed the Iceman – although no major organs were pierced, the arrow severed a major blood vessel, which almost definitely caused Ötzi to bleed to death.

From the Similaunhütte a hiking trail runs along the ridge to the find site (3,200 m - 1 hour walking time).

Equipment: Ankle-high hiking boots with treaded sole, rain and sun protection, warm clothing.

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