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Buying car registration plates from British Car Registrations means you can feel entirely confident in the service you will receive.

Our team of experts will also assist you in coordinating the entire transfer of the cherished registration onto your new vehicle.

*IMPORTANT: If you have recently submitted or intend to submit within the next 7-10 days an online change of address, we recommend that you mail in your renewal notice and change your address on the back of the form.

By selecting the “Start” button above, you will be directed to the Online Registration Renewal page.

Dates for the various "ND" registrations are then listed.

The Department of Motor Vehicles uses a third-party vendor to process credit and debit card transactions.

For more information, visit DMV’s How Information is Protected or Disclosed page.

DVLA registrations, private registration plates, cherished number plates, dateless number plates, Northern Irish plates…

(call them what you will) we have an extensive selection at all times – check out your initials, name or find a cheap number plate in our Bargain Basement.

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