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Some limited digitisation will be undertaken and an organisational plan developed to prepare for a major future digitisation project.The Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) is one of Kenya’s largest and oldest churches.This pilot project will survey the National Archives of Burundi to provide information on the documents that are actually endangered.

The situation continues to deteriorate as the government suppresses freedom of expression and cracks down on human rights activists, humanitarian organizations, and journalists.

Educated Burundians generally speak French – the man or woman on the street may not. Burundians are not used to tourists, nor having their photo taken – although the guys below completely disprove that point 🙂 “Lake Tanganyika is second largest of the lakes of eastern Africa.

It is the longest freshwater lake in the world (660km or 410 miles) and the second deepest (1,436 metres or 4,710 feet) in the world.

This pilot project has several very important aims: a process of staff training will be initiated, in the areas of archival management and on digitisation and dissemination as a means of preserving collections.

The current state of preservation will be assessed and the most vulnerable and important documents identified and an inventory complied.

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Its origins lie in the late-nineteenth century, with the Church of Scotland Mission to Kenya (CSM) and the Gospel Missionary Society (GMS). This project aims to digitise the library in the church Romanat Qeddus Mikael Dabre Mehret, Enderta.

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