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Or there was Sean Penn and Robin Wright, who almost divorced in 2007, decided not to, but then broke up again in 2009 for good, though not until after another hesitation that year.

So not everyone is meant to get back together, but sometimes..are!

They celebrated 15 years of marriage last November after the Oscar-winning actor happily told Ellen De Generes their union was "stronger than ever."All this being said, with so much history under their belt, as well as another baby on the way, there's no reason to think that Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green can't make it work for good this time.And there's still no official confirmation yet that they have decided to divorce, though a source tells E!News it "will likely be put on hold for a while."But in Fox and Green's case, the brief break may have been just what they needed to recharge their relationship—like a number of famous couples who went as far as to almost divorce, but then decided not to.(Or, in the occasional case, did divorce and The tactic doesn't always work.There are the Pamela Andersons and Rick Salomons of the world (or more classically, the Elizabeth Taylors and Richard Burtons) who get married twice but the second time proves as toxic as the first.

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Sure, they’ve had some speed-bumps: Fox filed for divorce from Green in 2015, citing “irreconcilable differences” as the cause for their split.

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