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So, if you are not initiating, I highly recommend that you start…like now, OK?Forget about “The Rules” crap and the idea that if you take the lead it will affect his manhood somehow.Writing those online dating emails to men can be a living hell.But you already know that…you’re here reading this.

So let’s start by taking a look at a typical email sent by the vast majority of women dating online. It piques his interest and tells him there’s more good stuff to learn. The email that gets responses communicates a sliver of who you are and lets him see why you’re someone he might want to be with.

Usually, then the first characters of what you write show up in their inbox, so make your first sentence count!

Be upbeat, positive, keep it light, make him smile.

The online dating world is different than the outside world.

Writing men the first email is not only fine, it’s necessary.

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