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Still, what’s available now is quite productive, with IDE features brought to bear when getting in the pytest-bdd flow. Obviously we autocomplete keywords from Gherkin and pytest-bdd.

And as expected, we autocomplete function names as fixture parameters.

Wonder what is a particular symbol and where it came from?

You can use Quick Info or on-hover type information with Cmd-hover to see more information: Doing behavior-driven development is a very different approach to testing.

We’ll use the same example application as the previous blog post.

To follow along at home, make sure you have Python 3.7 (our example uses dataclasses) and Pipenv installed.

Also, parameters parsed out of strings can autocomplete.But any pytest fixture can be used, which makes pytest-bdd a powerful approach for BDD.For example, imagine we have an indirection where there are different types of Game implementations.Plus, you can read the almost-human-language Gherkin file to quickly understand what’s the behavior being tested.You might have noticed that the feature file specified a score for the game but it was ignored in the implemented tests.

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