Are jenna marbles and max no sleeves dating dating a sociopath

The video has already racked up 120,000 views and 3,000 comments.

Charlotte made sure to let her fans know that the video was made just for fun and shouldn't actually be tried at home.

The bronzed teen had over 574,000 Instagram followers, more than 250,000 subscribers on You Tube and around 60,000 dedicated Snapchat contacts when she announced that she was giving up her life as a 'social media celebrity'.

Yeah so basically I’m in the middle of finals season and I didn’t have a lot of time to edit/revise, but also I ran out of patience.

Speaking over a clip made up of seemingly relaxed selfies, Ms O'Neill, who used to spend more than 50 hours a week constructing her online persona, described her recent encounter in detail.'Just looking through these photos you might think I'm just taking a few snaps just casually,' Ms O'Neill said in her video, titled Behind the image; love gets likes.

Referring to her trip to Thailand just four months ago, Ms O'Neill said she was pursued on Instagram by a 'famous supermodel' who kept commenting on her pictures.'He was the most good looking person I'd ever seen - I had no idea that type of superficial beauty would ever like me or be interested me and he had over one million followers on Instagram,' Ms O'Neill said, who was cold at first.'I wanted love and something real, I think everyone wants that.' But after the unnamed model convinced her to speak on the phone, Ms O'Neill said she saw his true colours.

One of the models at the Romance Was Born show walked the runway wearing a unicorn horn headpiece during this past Australia Fashion Week.

,' he asked his 1.9M Instagram followers of the popular toy.

Luckily, no one has tried to copy the video to date, but the idea of using weird items to blend make-up isn't fizzling. LITERALLY USING A SINGLE MARSHMALLOW DOESN'T CAUSE WORLD HUNGER OR FAMINE. Makeup has no rules and we can go out of the way and try new things. Keep your negativity to yourself.' This fad is a close cousin to the one above, but instead of using household items or body parts to blend make-up, this viral sensation sees people using them to actually apply cosmetics.

Most recently, Instagram user @manalmuffin used a marshmallow to blend her highlighter, bronzer and face primer to create a 'dewy' look. Vloggers and Instagram stars have used everything from stiletto heels and scissors to forks and tape to get the perfect contour in the past, but the ideas don't stop there.

However the suggestion that there are duos conducting mutually beneficial 'online relationships' that are not genuine could devastate their fans.

In the video posted on her website, Ms O'Neill shares her own troubling experience with viewers.

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