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The band was called The Fender Tones, and an original band business card and newspaper clippings can still be found in the case pocket, along with the original purchase receipt for the guitar.

No neck dating, which is indicative of Fender necks dating from mid 1959 and early 1960.

The black light reveals older lacquer beneath the two decals and it looks as if somebody sanded up to the edges to preserve the decal before spraying over them.

Unfortunately, small differences between this decal and that of the ’56 suggest Goldie’s is non-original Although black lighting cannot provide definitive proof that a part is original or even vintage, it can certainly reveal anything that’s fairly recent because it won’t fluoresce.

This unplugged tone is absolutely what I’d associate with a really good vintage Strat.

I’ve heard plenty of Custom Shop Fenders, JV reissues and even 80s Tokais that sound very similar; however, few – if any – sound as good as Goldie does through an amp.

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