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Men and women are statistically equally likely to use all other gaming devices, including computers, cell phones, handheld organizers and portable gaming devices.

Blacks and Hispanics are more likely to play games on smaller, mobile gadgets.

Fully 75% of adults in the survey use the internet, and 64% of internet users play games.

By comparison, just 20% of non-internet users play games.

Gamers 50 and older are significantly more likely than younger age groups to use computers.

Middle-aged gamers, 30-49 years old, prefer to play on computers, but a significantly large percentage also plays on consoles.

These trends contrast with the gaming experiences of teens.

Men are significantly more likely than women to play games on gaming consoles: 35% of adult men say they play games on a console compared with 21% of women.Notably, 76% of students (82% of full-time and 69% of part-time students) report playing games, compared with 49% of non-students.Internet users are also significantly more likely to play games than those who are not online.Some 57% of respondents with at least some college education play games, significantly more than high school graduates (51%) and those who have less than a high school education (40%).Current students who are 18 or older are also avid players.

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