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However, usually adding a virtual assistant to the self-service portfolio of call centers should save costs by reducing number of employees, providing high accuracy, and consistency in branding (in line with the brand positioning).

On top, it provides additional marketing information to organisations, as a Virtual Assistant has plenty of time to assist a web visitor, as opposed to a normal human being who are paid by the hour.

Safety status of Chatbot4is described as follows: My WOT reports its overall reputation as unsatisfactory, Google Safe Browsing reports its status as safe, while users provide mostly negative reviews (100%).

A Virtual Assistant is an artificial humanlike representation of an organisation.

He also added the song ‘Boten Anna’ of Basshunter, a song about a dialogue with a chatbot, and was convinced that Basshunter was inspired by Anna of IKEA when writing this song.

Virtual Assistants assist individual people with various themes in their life.

The term Virtual Assistant is a composite of two words: - “excellence, potency, efficacy”.

Sometimes the term Virtual Assistant is also used in assistance of employees of an organisation instead of external audiences.The image below presents a potential look of your Virtual Assistant.Similar functionality is offered by the French platform Create My Assistant.When you log in, you will find a clear and short presentation on how to create your Virtual Assistant and its features (the look, knowledgebase, conversations configuration).Although the examples above are pretty straight forward, can be implemented fairly quickly and offer a low cost solution, implementations in large contact centers of corporations and institutions are complex, time consuming and require substantial investments.

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