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According to social identity theory, people strive to maintain a positive social identity by either joining groups where they feel more comfortable or making a more positive experience of belonging to the groups they already belong to.Since speech is a way to express group membership, people adopt convergence or divergence in communication to "signal a salient group distinctiveness, so as to reinforce a social identity".In other words, people like to be in relationships where the rewards outweigh the costs.Although most often convergence can bring forth rewards, there are some occasions when it can also bring forth costs such as "increased effort to converge, a loss of perceived integrity and personal (and sometimes group) identity".The more similarities that they share with each other, the more likely for them to accommodate.The second assumption is concerned with how people perceive and evaluate a conversation."When French Canadian listeners attributed an English Canadian's convergence to French as due to his desire to break down cultural barriers, the shift was viewed favorably.

This theory concerns "(1) the behavioral changes that people make to attune their communication to their partner, and (2) the extent to which people perceive their partner as appropriately attuning to them." "Communication accommodation theorists focus on the patterns of convergence and divergence of communication behaviors, particularly as they relate to people’s goals for social approval, communication efficiency, and identity".The importance of language and behavior is illustrated in the third assumption since they are indicators of social status and group belongings.When two people who speak different languages try to have a conversation, the language used is more likely to be the one used by the higher status person.Perception is '"the process of attending to and interpreting a message'" Someone who enters a conversation usually first observes what takes place and then decides whether he should adjust to fit in.However, the decision about accommodation is not always necessary.

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