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However, even without those colorful depictions, it wouldn’t be surprising that older guys are enchanted by younger beauties.

The fact that older men enjoy the company of women who are 10 and more years younger isn’t a secret.

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When you think about young, gorgeous women, who can land any guy of their age, you can’t help but wonder: why do women like older men?

Central to Cougar-hype is the younger man’s desire to date an older woman.

This is being driven not by sex as you would think, but by the increasing appeal of the emerging Ubercat.

Other factors such as women delaying child birth, greater numbers of women in the workforce and increasing divorce rates mean that there are significant lifestyle changes effecting women.

If you can’t convince them you are a great choice of a partner, the woman is unlikely to date you.

Initially I had a problem with dating a younger man, but now it’s very normal and I don’t even think about it although I don’t really see myself as a Cougar”.

This sentiment is mirrored by small business owner, Michelle, 41, who unintentionally ended up in a relationship with a younger man. If the media says I’m a Cougar, I’m an accidental one.” Why now?

Based on the love stories between hundreds of uneven-aged couples, there at least four reasons why young women may prefer men who are a decade older: Older guys are usually successful, good-looking, and suave, which means they can land any woman of their age.

So why is dating someone younger still so popular among guys over 40?

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