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Your doctor may start checking how you’re progressing at each prenatal checkup during your last trimester.

When might you go into labor if your doctor tells you you’re already 1 centimeter dilated? Your cervix is the passageway from the uterus to the vagina.

Let your doctor know about any symptoms of labor you’re experiencing.

Contact your doctor if you think you may have dilated early (for example, if you lose your mucous plug or have bloody discharge).

Your cervix protects your baby during pregnancy, and this includes your mucous plug.

As your cervix begins to dilate, bits and pieces of the plug may start to fall out.

Take note of how much fluid you experienced and any secondary symptoms (contractions, pain, bleeding) you have.

You may notice mucus on your underwear when you use the restroom.

The color can range from clear, to pink, to blood-tinged.

Labor may happen the day you see your mucous plug, or several days later.

If you feel your belly tighten and release, you may be experiencing practice contractions (Braxton-Hicks), or the real deal.

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